Sarees are the most elegant and sensual Indian attire. There are multiple types of saree styles in our culture. Each and every style is equally adorable. But somehow I feel it is a bit under-rated among the young girls. I personally love sarees, they are so versatile. One saree can be worn in different ways, creating multiple looks from the same 5 yards of fabric.

These are the 5 types of styles that are very budget friendly and will make you look classy, hot, elegant and sophisticated all at the same time.


Chiffon sarees are not very expensive but gives a very rich look when worn. Soft and flowy chiffon fabric is supercomfortable and easy to carry as well. It looks great on every body type, making all types looks slim and sexy.

The best part of owning a basic chiffon saree is that you can wear it in many style with anything of contrasting or even similar colours.

Create your own personal looks with a blouse, jacket, blazer, shirt or with a crop top and a denim. There are tons of different styles that you can try with it. The best part is that this one time investment can create many looks for different occasions.


Sleek borders are never going out of style. From our grandmothers to our mothers, every generation has atleast one such saree in her wardrobe. Investing in evergreen pieces is a great way to create an well updated and versatile wardrobe collection.

There are multiple ways in which you can carry the sleek border saree. Carry it with a heavy embellished blouse to a big event like marriage or just with a sexy backless blouse at your friend’s destination wedding.

Styling is easy with light and basic pieces. Experimenting with accessories(like belt), jackets, contrasting blouses, jewellery, etc. These all factors does make a sleek border saree a must have in your wardrobe.


Silk and satin both the fabrics have shiny , flowy and soft feel to it. These fabrics does give a very royal and classy look too. though the fabrics are a bit expensive but the look that they give is definitely worth it. Silk does shouts royalty and so does a nice quality satin. Picking up a nice unique colour is enough to turn the faces around in every occassion you decide to wear it.

Having a basic saree, which is basic plain 5 yards of fabric does allow you recreate other outfits later when you are bored of wearing it for years.


Khadi cotton is expensive as compared to poplin cotton but there is definitely a huge difference between both. The fact that khadi is our authentic textile does gives us a touch of authenticity and also help us stay connected to our roots. I do feel proud to have such a rich culture. The khadi fabric does look classy and graceful. The women wearing it does comes out as a strong independent and polished women.

Wearing it with silver oxidised jewellery and a nice jutti or kolahpuri chappals is a perfect way to complete the overall look.


Prints can be a little confusing at times. The prints are definitely seasonal so i wouldn’t say that it could be an evergreen option until you make a wise decision in choosing the right one.

Go for a neutral colour or a common colour like white or black. These colours are not going anywhere. They have always been in fashion and they will always be in fashion.

Try choosing right prints for you. Smaller universal prints if you believe in having evergreen lasting pieces. Else just play around the latest fashion prints and have your own collection of prints for every season.

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