About Us


About us

Founded in December 2016 originally as a fashion brand but we started this website in 2020 with an idea to create a window between self-consciousness and doubt to self-love and admiration. It is our way to spread body positivity and awareness about the fact that everyone is beautiful irrespective of size, shape, color, or height. All you have to do is understand your own self and style your own tale, which is where the name STYLEYOURTALE comes from.

The basic idea is to create an interactive community where we can just talk about ourselves and about our insecurities and try to make peace with all that we are and then create the best version of it. Every human in this world has a different body type even in one home we have multiple body types, so idealizing a single body type is the complete waste of time and energy. The fact that we can stylize the way we want to and can create our own original style is all we want to achieve on this website.

STYLEYOURTALE will talk about :-

  1. Different body types and how we can style our outfits to get the best of it.
  2. Will create a window for an accessible fashion market.
  3. Accessorising and jewellery.
  4. Body positivity and mental peace.
  5. Celebrity fashion and latest fashion trends.
  6. Health care and body care and a lot more.

STYLEYOURTALE is all about fashion and lifestyle in general. You can be completely different from others and can have a completely different style and yet can stand out in the crowd. All you need is just the right direction to shape your own story. This website is all about having that one place to find answers regarding different issues and to have an interactive community where we can help each other and share our thoughts and emotions.

Thank you for being here. We are happy to have you.

Shagun (Creative Head)

Hi there, I am a designer by profession working in the fashion industry for the past 6 years. Very passionate soul and have been doing multiple things together like job, freelancing, business, and even personal client dealing regarding fashion. While dealing with my clients, I realized that fashion seems too complicated to a lot of people, they are too conscious to come out of their comfort zone or to even discuss their issues.

The whole world is such a mess if we look around and finding a place where you can calm down and find your mental peace is very important, I write to create such an environment for the one reading it. I strongly feel that fashion is a very personal thing and styling is actually a personal way of representing your take on fashion and it is beautiful that how the same fashionable piece can create multiple styles for different people irrespective of age and size.I am here to just discuss my take on fashion, styling, physical and mental health in general, and a lot more. 

I hope to create an environment for you guys where you feel comfortable discussing things and issues. Being your personal consultant, taking you through the fashion industry and bringing you the best of it according to your personal requirements.

Aashima (Technical Head)

Hi there, I am a software engineer by profession, which is from where the technical knowledge comes from. Love learning new things and have been thinking of doing something on my own for a very long time. I always wanted to start something of my own and once a wise man said “It all started with a first step” so blogging seems to be perfect for this. Using one’s skills for their interest is the best one can do. I fall in love with Computers during my school life and decided to make it a career partner for life.

Shagun & Aashima as a team

We know each other since childhood and have been together in every phase of life. We both recently got married and this lockdown time gave us the time to rethink about what we actually want from our lives. In spite of the fact that we both are married in different cities and there is no way to reach each other anyway because of the lockdown we, however, took a decision to start this beautiful journey of working together as partners. We both are looking forward to creating a beautiful SYT family to make the journey even more special and exciting. So grateful to have you here. 

Thank you.