Look of the day: 21st August 2020

From good looks to effortless style. Hrithik has been a complete package. The cargo pants with huge pockets look stunning, it is definitely a must-have in every men’s wardrobe. I love the lemon high neck t-shirt over a plum color jacket. It is such a unique and new combination for us to see on men. 

Usually, men like to play safe, they will go for basic jeans or cargo like black cargo with any one color t-shirt or olive green cargo with a black t-shirt. Hrithik has been giving us a big example of how you can play with multiple different colors and still make a complete look out of it. All the colors in his outfit from the green in cargo to the lemon t-shirt, plum jacket, black shoes, and even the grey cap are individual pieces blending and complementing each other beautifully.

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