Some Quarantine looks to feel more productive and positive staying at home

During this time when the whole world is under crisis, it is very natural to feel overwhelmed and depressed staying at home stuck under the roof with this constant fear and anxiety.
And at the same point in time, we all are trying hard to make ourselves feel happy and entertained. But there are times when you actually start feeling low about just sitting in your pyjamas and all the messy situation going on in this quarantine period.

No one actually wants to dress up at home and that makes us more lazy and unproductive as the days pass by.

Here are few looks that you guys can create with the clothes already hanging inside your wardrobe and make yourself feel more cheerful and creative throughout the day.


Pallazzo or loose culottes are something that every girl owns . And these loose breezy lowers are super comfy and versatile. You can literally style them in more than a dozen ways  with a kurti or a basic top or a short kurti or with a crop top .A plain top and a printed palazzo or vise versa. Just create your own combination make a messy bunn or just a high ponytail, who cares! Just Dress up for yourself.


Sitting at home is making us crave more for vacations. You tend to feel suffocated and dull just sitting inside in your pyjamas dreaming about when will you be able to go out and actually have that fresh air . 

So lets just not wait for it and make ourselves feel fresh and breezy at home.Take out your favourite comfy boho dress that you that will be able to carry through out the day… The flowy and colourful dress will definitely make you feel more joyful and fresh.  Carry it with a messy loose bun, few accessories only if you feel like, or just a messy braid, or just let them open. You know the drill, just whatever makes you happy.


There are days when you feel too lazy to put so much effort and still wanna look fresh and dressed up to function throughout the day. I feel shrugs are the most coolest and comfortable wear over which makes you look different without putting much effort. Just take out a nice combination of a basic top and pyjama that goes well with it. Wear a shrug or a contrasting scarf over your neck or all-around your shoulders or just a headscarf on your ponytail and you are good to go. Your cozy warm outfit of the day.

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