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Deepika Padukone has taken denim styling to the next level

Baggy pants

If you think your denim is meant for just casual looks and there is not a lot you can do with the denim, here is the time for you to reconsider these thoughts. Deepika is a very charismatic beauty, having a lean and tall body gives her the advantage to try out any new look as everything looks good on her body type. Her stylist has been working extremely well with her to give her some of the most amazing denim looks I have seen so far.


all-denim jumpsuit

Deepika is such a charismatic personality that whatever she wears looks amazing on her. The all-denim jumpsuit looks so strong on its own that she decided to keep her accessorizing, hair and makeup completely neutral. She added the beautiful bright pink pumps to get that pop of brightness into a monochromatic denim theme.

So girls if you love denim but are still figuring out what next to do with it. Let’s learn from Deepika and try all denim look with a pop of bright color over it. Try making combinations with your denim dress or maybe a straps denim jump-suit with a shirt underneath and add a pop of color element with accessories. Do try making your own look and own it like a goddess and don’t forget to tag us as we would love to see your creation.


Baggy pant

This comfy combination of oversized sweaters with baggy pants is Deepika’s favorite. She has styled it in many ways multiple times. We can definitely take tips from Deepika while planning our traveling outfits. This oversized sweater which is super loose and cozy feels so comfortable for the long journey. The loose fit baggy style crop length denims are as comfortable as a pyjama and definitely gives you a better dressed up look overall. 

She has paired it with comfortable shoes and her hair simply open which is perfect for a long midnight flight. Planning a TRIP? Do take some tips from Deepika’s looks for your next travel.


Baggy pant

By looking at her various airport looks we can definitely say that oversized cardigans with baggy pants are her most favorite traveling option. Sticking true to her comfort and choices, she still manages to surprise us with her add ons in the complete look. The baggy pants with stripes detailing, bright orange sweater and the satin asymmetrical long stripe shirt underneath.

I love each of it individually but the look that has been created using these pieces is seriously commendable.


Oversized shirt

For the ones thinking it might be too loud or too dressed up for them, look at the basic white shirt and a black oversized sweater. This is the simplest among her looks which we all can carry anywhere.


This look is my personal favourite. I love the black centre cut long shrug type cardigan it is just perfect for the extra drama and gives a very cool and sassy vibe overall.



Styling is the key to fashion doesn’t matter how many outfits you have in your wardrobe. What matters is how you style them. This twisted collar one side sleeve shirt with neutral shade boyfriend jeans has been smartly paired up with bright red pumps with very edgy and sharp makeup to give that extra something to the whole look.Overall a very edgy and crisp look for sure.


White shirt with a black corset over it. Her baggy pants are not leaving her anytime soon which is quite visible. And this is interesting to see how she creates different looks with the same denim style every time which is such an inspiration for us to create different looks from what we have. Look at her golden accessories on the wrist which is also over the shirt’s sleeves and did you guys noticed the net bow detailing over her stilettos and the different placements of the bow on either side of the heels.

The open shirt is so amazingly cinched in with the help of the corset in the right areas. The makeup and hairdo complement the whole look beautifully.


embellished denim

Denim has been such a basic piece of outfit for all of us. Deepika has been changing the whole concept of denim with her whole embellished denim. This boyfriend fit light shade denim with bright floral embellishments overall has transformed a basic casual look into an amazing fresh dressed up look.


I loved the fact that she has kept the whole look completely casual with a basic white top and white shoes. she deliberately wants to let the denim do the magic for her. Overall it is a very cheerful, bright and happy look.

Baggy denim

These dark grey baggy denims with embellished detailing over the belt area is so interesting and with this overdramatic fancy off shoulder top the whole look has turned out to be completely non casual and more of a diva look.



Culottes are not easy at all to pull off. Not everyone can do it but definitely Deepika can! I love the colour of the denim culotte and she definitely loves her whites.white shirts and white top with her blue denims are her all time favourite. The golden accessories are just perfect to add the dressed up effect in the whole outfit.

Deepika has been giving us multiple conventional options to try with our basic boring denim. Make your such look and do tag style your tale in it. 

Will be happy to be a part of your styling achievement.


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