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How to be more productive while working from home?

This year has brought a huge change in the lives of many people. During this pandemic situation all over the world, people have been a constraint to work from home. Initially, it has been quite fun sitting in comfortable pyjamas, eating homemade warm freshly cooked food, sneaking the other rooms to see what other members are doing when getting bored but now it has become a bit boring and monotonous. 

We don’t feel excited about working anymore and have become quite lazy as well. Now is the time to change things a bit, so let’s just discuss a few habits to add on in our day to get the most productivity out of it.

8 habits to adapt to be more productive while working from home:-


The most important thing to do to be productive is to have a clarity of what you have to do during the day and to be aware about how much time you need to invest on what work. As we are at home all the time there is definitely a responsibility of housework as well like may be cleaning, cooking, dusting or may be anything else. I would recommend to make two different to do lists for better clarity and time management. Having two lists will help you sort and make balance between what to do when and how to manage both the things together.You can even go for customised planners like the one in the image for the better and more specific listing.

Peronal Organizer

It is very important to take care of your body as working from home is definitely making it lazy which is not healthy in the long run. You might feel back ache or neck ache in the evening after sitting for hours around the computer and these pains often cause headaches which makes the situation even worst. This is all because you are not moving your body enough to make it run smoothly throughout the day. 

Giving 5 to 10 mins to stretching in the morning will make your nerves feel relaxed and fresh throughout the day. You can even do it twice or thrice in a day if you feel like. Sitting at one place all day long can affect your neck and back and even your hips, before it turns into an health issue make sure you start working on it every day.If you are more of an exercise person than please go for that as it will give you many more benefits and will keep your weight and health in control as well.

Get ready

It is a universal fact that pyjamas makes you feel lazy somehow, may be the mind knows which outfit is for what occasion. By giving some time to getting ready in the morning combing your hair well, checking how you look, putting some accessories to your overall look will definitely make you feel productive. And you will have that feeling of sitting and starting the day with a positive and active mood.

Dressing up will also change the overall vibe around you, will make you feel less lazy and definitely more enthusiastic. The one thing you can definitely feel lucky about is the fact that you don’t have to wear tight and uncomfortable clothes as you are at your home and there is no one to judge you, just experiment with the various things you have take out your husband’s/brother’s T-shirt Pair it with your favourite comfy culottes or take out any comfy outfit from your wardrobe mix and match stuff and make it a fun thing for your everyday routine.

Feel active

Sitting at home all day long, getting up at the same place working and again going back to sleep is so monotonous, daunting and boring for sure. Nature plays a very important part in keeping our brain active and fresh. Just sitting at one place in front of screens can make our brain have a mental block or creative block sort of a situation. Going in the balcony, breathing in the fresh air, looking at the hush hush happening around us gives our brain a little break and does make us feel fresh and cheerful.

If you do have a comfortable beautiful and cozy balcony, take your laptop out sit there for sometime in the evening have your coffee and work there for sometime.Changing the environment around you will also help in taking out more productivity out of you.


If you crave for sweet keep fruits near you so that you don’t run towards the fridge to eat some chocolates.If you crave for salty and spicy keep roasted healthy snacks in a box for you.If you crave for real food which is more filling keep sandwiches or scrambled eggs for you.But do get up to get your hot cup of coffee or tea because that is something you should prefer taking fresh and warm.Have loads and loads of water throughout the day. It will help you in two ways:- 1. It will keep you hydrated throughout the day which will keep you active and won’t make you crave for extra food or junk as water will make you feel full and satisfied. 2.You will go to the washroom more often which will automatically increase your physical activity and will also remove toxins from your body.

Having everything around you that you might need throughout the day would help you not get distracted. Every time you would need something, you will get up to have it and that will distract you if you are in middle of something important.Leaving some important work in between and than sitting again thinking you will have the same amount of concentration is not possible. And in that subconsciously half here half in work situation you will end up eating junk and all bad stuff which is not good for you in the long run as you are already in your minimum physical activity state.Rather than doing that just prepare an aware and well thought of snack plate and keep it on your table. Make sure to keep a big water bottle which will keep reminding you to have water during the day. Your snack plate should be well balanced make sure to have every taste that your tongue can ask for but switch it with healthy options.

To do list

It also helps us in getting our lazy self back to focus if we are loosing it in the middle. When you see the amount of work that is still pending you do push yourself a bit harder keeping your laziness aside.It also helps in creating a practically possible to do list for future as you understand the time durations you need to do the specific tasks of your day.

The main reason of having a to do list is to know how much we have to do during the day and to make a plan to complete all the tasks within the time limitations and may be manage two things simultaneously or can schedule work according to priority.Revisiting the list again helps us to keep the track of how much we have done during the day and in how much time.

Check to do list
Eat healthy

Having healthy diet is not practically possible all the time but we can definitely do something which you can maintain as a habit. Start checking the portions of what you are eating and how much of it you are willing to eat. Food portioning is the most important thing while working from home. While working from home we do not have much off physical movement having more food than you need to will lead to laziness, heaviness and eventually weight gain.Eating less will make you feel light and active which is obviously a win win situation. Stop right before you start to feel full, the extra that you take thinking I can have a little more is the extra fat that you need to stop eating. Eat in small plate as it will make you see how much you are putting into the plate.

In the times when you are not exerting your body by any physical exercise having a healthy meal is very Important. Make sure that you don’t get yourself into trouble by feeding junk and bad food to your body at the times when the health is the most important thing to focus on. Eating healthy food makes your belly happy leading to a better feeling throughout the day. You surely don’t want to gain extra fat while the working from home situation and regret it later when nothing from your wardrobe will fit you. So, before the reality check situation its better to change some habits and maintain the healthy routine.

Stay fit
Comfortable environment

But remember being comfortable doesn’t mean you can just lie down and work while just being super lazy you have to sit in an active position and can take few things to just comfort yourself in that active position like cushions for your back or footrest for your legs.

The maximum time we spend is at this spot were we sit and work. If it will not be comfortable you would not be able to give the most of your capacity to the work and there will be a constant distraction from the uncomfortable situation you will be in. It is your home your space create it according to your comfort. If you want to keep comfy cushions or may be a footrest or a comforter, set your space accordingly.

Comfortable environment

Working from home during this difficult time is definitely a privilege use this time wisely.

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