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Must have fashion trends you need in 2021

Summers are here and we all need to refresh our wardrobe with the latest fashion trends of 2021. Some exciting and happening outfits which can amp up our styling game. In a busy schedule, the most difficult task is to find out what exactly you need to add in your wardrobe to make it new and fresh.

Don’t worry there are some nice tips and tricks that you can do to achieve that without spending a lot of money.
But hey, do spend a bit on yourself, because you truly deserve it.

Here are some options of 2021 fashion trends to make your lives easier and better .


This is one 2021 fashion trend that I’m glad came back. Living in a city as hot as Delhi, any body hugging outfit is like a nightmare. As much as I love my skinny fit denims, it is genuinely hard to carry them during summers.

The flared pants and bell-bottoms are great for summers. It’s flowy and comfortable, and definitely very wearable during summers.

Investing in these will immediately update your wardrobe and will allow you to create multiple fresh looks with the same pieces you already have in your wardrobe.


As high waisted flared denims and pants are in trend the next piece to go with that are, the crop tops and vests with some nice bright scrunchies to tie your hair. Scrunchies, ribbon and bows are one of my favourite cute 2021 trend which really enhances the look overall..


The fashion trend of cropped vests is a blessing for pear-shaped girls as it will allow them to highlight and flaunt all the leaner parts of their body and will effortlessly hide all the heavy areas making them look perfect and confident.


The puffy dramatic sleeves this season is definitely giving boss girl vibes. I love this trend as it suits today’s women. Strong, powerful and full of sassiness.

Love them, hate them. They don’t care.


The double denims are an amazing fashion trend of 2021. It’s a new take on our evergreen shades of denim. The basic whites, light blues, dark blues, blacks and greys.

Just this time they have combined the two different denims together to create one. Like the white denim with the light blue denim, the dark blue denim with the other two shades of denim.

I think this concept is real fun and it will be fun to create different looks with such denims and the other stuff that you already have.


The print-on print looks are definitely not for everyone. It is quite a bold and tricky trend. But it’s good to experiment and try new things just for fun. It is a little overwhelming but if done in the right way can look amazingly beautiful.

So, if you have some printed pants and tops in your wardrobe maybe it’s the right time to take them out and try them together.

Have fun with the prints.


The 2021 fashion trend brought rainbow colours back in fashion. Rainbow color outfits are so pretty and adorable. They are eye catching and refreshing to look at. It is tricky though carrying such bold colors together but it is not important to go overboard with colors, find your own comfort zone. Maybe a nice rainbow top with basic denims or a bright color short dress with subtle nude colour jacket and basic makeup and shoes.

Find your own version of style keeping fashion trends in mind. That is how fashion can make us feel liberated and fresh every morning.

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