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Oxidized Jewellery


Jewellery has been enhancing the beauty of ladies all over the world for ages. The beautifully crafted work on these beautiful pieces just makes us look more graceful and refined. If you love bohemian vibe as I do, this blog is all about that. The oxidized jewellery is all about having a tasteful bohemian blend to your everyday look or even a dressed-up look as well.

These are a few pieces of oxidized jewellery every girl who loves jewellery should own:-


Long necklace

If you are the one who loves wearing jewellery and like to look a bit dressed up with accessorizing a little, you should definitely have the silver oxidized jewellery pieces to achieve that casually flattering and dressed up look. The best part about accessorizing is that it makes you look trendy and unique without putting much effort.

Just a basic kurta legging or a legging kurta with a beautiful oxidized jewellery piece! It makes a big huge difference in the overall look. It gives such a soothing look and at the same time makes you look very confident and poised.

Take any basic earthy color kurta or even a bright one would do, take out your statement jewellery neckpiece and you are good to go. They look amazing with the sarees, lehengas and even with dresses. One-piece can give you multiple looks, that is the beauty of having a statement silver jewellery piece in your wardrobe.


Wearing anklets has been in our tradition for ages. But as time has changed, nobody would consider it trendy and fashionable now. If that is the case with you too so its the time to reconsider it. I personally feel that the piece of jewellery is however always evergreen, obviously, the styling techniques and the way of wearing it have been changing over the years.

The combination of silver anklets with colorful threads, beads, small cute hanging pieces, a chain style anklet, or a band style. We do have a lot to explore around. Find what is your personal favorite and stylize it with denim jeans, skirts, dresses, Indian Kurtis, etc.

There is a lot you can do with it. One-piece, multiple styling ways.


Silver rings are my personal favorites. I have been in love with them since i was a teenager. I love how raw and authentic it feels. The vibe of silver jewellry is however such an amazing blend of classy, authentic, raw and edgy. The bohemian vibe or the traditional banjaran vibe or a classy vibe. One piece of jewellery can create each of it, just by styling it in different ways.

Multiple rings in one hand or a bid huge statement ring in one hand is completely your choice.

You can even try ring bracelets. Try it with a rajasthani style lehenga or a basic suit with a bandhani lahariya dupatta and a ring bracelet in your hands. Experiment the way you want to and trust me you will be so happy with the outcome in the end.


Nose rings are nowadays quite in fashion. you can see many girls as well as middle-aged women wearing it with Kurtis as well as sarees. I personally love this look as it gives a very authentically dressed up look. The edginess it brings to the whole look is very attractive. For me, a nice Indo western outfit with a nose ring and smokey eye makeup, curly open hair and maybe a small bindi, some nice silver bangles with a nice pair of jutti is an all-time favourite look.


Choker pieces have been a piece of jewellery that I had been carrying in my wardrobe since my college years. It is such an effortless and easy way to style yourself without putting much on the plate. Wear any outfit and carry a beautiful choker piece and create a beautiful blend of different cultures and styles. For me, a nice cotton or khadi saree with an oxidized silver choker piece and clean neat hair bun for an ethnic look is the best combination ever.

If you are wondering how you can pair it in western outfits try the choker pieces when you are planning to do some layering, try it with an open shirt, or maybe a shrug over a strappy top. There is a lot you can do with it in almost every kind of outfit. Let us know in the comments below if you want to know about how you can wear it in multiple ways.


Having a collection of these just makes life so much easier. Wear any basic outfit and mix and match different types of these together and you get a very unique and attractive look. The beauty of it is that you are not restricted to one specific style of outfit. Silver bangles look amazing with ethnic wear, indo western and even western outfits as well. You can either wear a piece of handcuff for a subtle and simple vibe or you can go all bohemian and wear multiple things together like a bunch of bangles of different sizes and shapes with rings and even neckpieces.

Having a collection of these pieces in your wardrobe just makes the life so much easier and fun. 

Create your own look and spread the magic of beauty in the world. Do tag us your look and give us the opportunity to appreciate your creativity.


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